Vol. 7, No. 1, June 2005

Featured Articles

Developing an effective TEFL course with WebCT
Nazmi Abdul-Salam Al-Masri, The Islamic University of Ghasa, Palestine
pp. 1-21 (pdf)
The effects of verbal and spatial abilities on reading comprehension task performance in multimedia environments with respect to individual differences among learners
Khalid Al-Seghayer, Imam University, Saudi Arabia
pp. 22-36 (pdf)
An analysis of the effectiveness of an in-house CALL software package for the learning and teaching of kanji (Japanese characters) and the development of autonomous language learning skills
Debbie Corder and Grant Waller, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
pp. 37-51 (pdf)
Keypal friendships and their influences on learner development
Marlen Harrison, Momoyama Gakuin University, Japan and Katherine Kitao, Doshisha Women's University, Japan
pp. 52-73 (pdf)
Basic Steps for Developing English Language Web-Based Tutorials
Zuwati Hasim, University of Malaya, Malaysia
pp. 74-105 (pdf)

Review Article

Design considerations for CMC tools within a course management system based on communicative language teaching
Afendi Hamat and Mohamed A. Embi, National University of Malaysia, Malaysia
pp. 106-113 (pdf)